TWEN Medium

Twen is a contemporary Condensed Sans that was born out of the dissatisfaction of using condensed sans that were available to him at the time. Twen has a consistent rhythm and confidence with a practicable delivery. While looking for a typeface to use around 2010, Cina recalled a face he had seen being used on Phillips-Twen packaging, designed by Edelmann and Fleckhaus. He started drawing a face with similar proportions, while giving it his own flavor and voice and used it on a few projects. Since then, Twen has seen major expansions and improvements as it was used through the years on various projects. Twen has a complete character set and multiple language support.

Michael Cina

Michael is an internationally recognized Creative Director and Artist who is currently leading a multi-disciplinary design studio, Cina Associates. His design portfolio includes many prominent Fortune 500 companies including Disney, Apple, American Express, ESPN, Pepsi, Coke, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft. Over his career, he has applied and synthesized typography, branding, illustration, motion, web, music, photography, art and typefaces to produce an integrated approach to his design. Cina’s work is consistently featured in numerous publications, Emmy winner, Grammy nominee and he has spoken at many global design conferences about his unique vision for design.