Custom Type

Our team of experienced, passionate typographers have been collectively drawing custom type for decades. Not only is bespoke type an effective, recognizable way to communicate brand messaging, but it allows companies to clearly set themselves apart from competitors. Tailor-made to define, evolve, and create exclusivity within your brand's visual identity, custom type can be used across a wide range of technologies, medias, and campaigns. We have been proud to develop cost-effective, specialty typefaces for clients such as Disney, Kate Spade, Top Golf, and Time Warner. We would love to talk to you about any questions you have, big or small.

Disney Matterhorn Sans and Serif Family

We collaborated with Disney to create nine exclusive fonts. They tasked us to deliver a product that could represent Disney's rich history, but also look toward its future. The typefaces needed to be legible for children, but also sophisticated enough for adults. The primary goal was to develop something that worked with Disney's new site design and could also translate into a variety of offline applications. Typeface design is all about the details; we took no shortcuts to create a typeface whose personality is, well, very Disney!

Top Golf

We designed many typeface families for Top Golf, helping them expand and grow their brand. Our first sans was a custom and exclusive sixteen-weight typeface that included a regular and condensed family designed for digital media for legibility. The serif family consists of 18 styles, including proper italics. The third family was a brand font originally designed by Carter Martin and expanded and developed out into a twelve weight family.

Scatter NYC Blackout

A selection of different styles developed for branding use to promote a VR experience.

Kate Spade

Custom and exclusive three-weight typeface family. Designed for print and retail for display use.

NBC Golf Channel

A three-weight typeface to be used for brand extension. Designed for all media for display, text and branding.

Very Custom Typeface

Custom typeface developed for IOT company, Very, based on their new wordmark. Additional Credits: Stefán Kjartansson. creative & art director. Farbod Kokabi, graphic designer.

Ghostly Gothic

A timeless typeface designed for use across all media. For display, retail, and brand use.