K.73r is a geometric sans typeface born from a synthesis of basic shapes—square, circle, triangle—crafted with a meticulous set of rules. Like a musical canon, each letter is an imaginative arrangement of these geometric blocks, creating unexpected shapes through experimentation. This font, a brainchild of Lauren Graycar's two-and-a-half-year journey, offers upper and lowercase letters, lining and old-style figures, basic punctuation, math symbols, currency, diacritics, and ligatures. With five distinct styles and a nod to early Modernist typography, K.73r builds on historical types with a vast type table of 10,500+ glyphs, providing up to 100 alternates per character. Its rigid geometry is softened by Lauren's hand, inviting the warmth of workshop craftsmanship. We invite you to navigate its versatility adeptly and strike a balance between clarity and the font's potential as a graphic art form.

Lauren Graycar

Lauren Graycar is a graphic designer and publisher. She has collaborated with a range of creative concerns in Los Angeles—where she lives and works—on projects across traditional and new media. A guiding interest in her work is how craft crosses physical and abstract boundaries. Working as a commissioned designer, she believes that a meaningful design process examines where our individual visual biographies intersect. Since 2013 she has run the publishing imprint Kima. Select editions from Kima are archived in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Thomas J. Watson Library special collections (New York), and the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Library (Williamstown, MA).